The aim

After several years of fumbling I'm gonna learn photography. And web development. You can be a witness here how both of these skills improve. According to my plans the site will develop from a (very) simple layout to something more advanced, step-by-step. Although I'm less interested in web-design, so my focus is on the background.

I love pure photography and I don't modify my pictures (probably because I don't know how to do it), therefore all the pics here are just as they came out from my camera. Some of them are still warm. I have a Canon SX10 IS that will be replaced as soon as the need arises. Can't wait.

I set up a challenge for me to fulfill, inspired by the book called '1001 books you must read before you die'. I'll follow their instructions and won't die until I read all of them. These books will be involved here. (And on my Twitter account - says the marketing personality of mine.)

I also want to learn English, so the language of this site is crappy English.

Now you know everything about my aim with all of this; watch me develop.

By the way, this is me. And I'm on porcica when I'm not working or speaking English.