Day 17, on the shelf

When I shot a glance at our shelf:

1001 books you must read before you die

The story: I have this amazing book called '1001 books you must read before you die". Under the Book section those 1001 books are gathering slowly (really slowly), and I don't plan to die before I read them all. You must know, nothing is mine on this shelf, but the mentioned book, right next to the Profanisaurus Rex (which I cleverly left out from this composition). I took it with manual set up, figured that my only (?) chance is to set the ISO very high (800). So this is my s(h)elfish noisy photo for the day.

"break the crust v. The morning after an evening fuelled with hot food and brown beer, to drop the days first Brad Pitt which is shortly followed by uncontrollable Krakatoa-style outpouring of lava from the jacksie." - Profanisaurus Rex

Now you understand why I wanted to leave it out.

Day 16, about what I ate

When I captured my food without a shame:


The story: My first (weak) cooking attempts are things of the past, therefor I usually eat falafel in the office. I was a big fan of the King of Falafel on the Leather Lane (for £3.25, but it's the king, what can I do), but right next to them appeared a new place selling slightly worse, but still really good falafel. That's the Brothers Restaurant. I can be convinced easily if there is almost a pound difference, and I already forgot the mighty taste of the King.

(First time I used any kind of fancy image creator on my phone. FxCamera.)

Day 15, about my, well, shoes

When I took a picture of my...shoe:

My shoe

The story: This is a hard period of the challenge. I feel a bit weird. Taking pics of my shoes... I'm also a bit stressed that I have to post something every day. Hard times. I almost posted an old image again, but than the title says 'my shoes', have to stick to that. Have. To.
What else can I do, let me introduce my shoe: This is the half of my beloved Merrel shoes that I bought to explore Nepal. And it haven't betrayed me. After all, it deserves a pic.

I'm sorry.

Day 14, about flowers

I was just about to choose an image from the past, but then I thought raindrops can look nice on the pics. Let's go out into the rain!

The story: So I did. And discovered that wet-liker animals appear from nowhere and are resting in our flower garden. And also, that our roses went a bit tired recently, so I recorded the neighbour's ones. Only to realize in the flat, that all the pics I took are a bit crap, so what you can see here is a fine piece in the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall. This image relaxes me and makes me smile. So smile!
There are some more photos from Heligan (and our whole trip in Cornwall) here, because it is a pure joy to aim the camera at plants.

(I put some lavender seeds into the soil some time ago. A weird green thing is growing out there, but doesn't look like lavender at all. I think I'm just nurturing a piece of weed.)

Day 13, from a distance

When I visited Nepal:

Kathmandu from the Monkey Temple

The story: I'm sitting in the flat and I have no intention to leave it. We have a nice woody view, but I wouldn't call that distance a distance. So for this sacred topic I've chosen an image that was taken in June. This is how Kathmandu looks like from a slight distance and hight - from the Monkey Temple. Nepal is amazing, but not for the delicate tourists. Have a look if it's for you: Nepal gallery.

(Attention: That gallery was prepared in a factory that handles lots of images. It may contain lots of images, too. And you can't even enjoy my entertaining Hungarian commentary. Still, go.)

Day 12, with a close-up

When I visited the garage:

Suzuki GS400 E

The story: After the big ride from Budapest to London last year I only sat on my bike once. At first I was frightened by the London traffic, then I was really fucking frightened by the London traffic, and now I feel a constantly changing urge to ride it again. In the city centre the urge is decreasing significantly, but in the suburban areas I'm very brave again. I would need to change the front tyre and settle my insurance situation to use it. Or just jump on and go. Aha.

I took some pics of the back tyre as well, but considering the fact that I (don't) have an impressive chicken stripe, I'll just skip that. There you go, chain 'n stuff.

Day 11, about something fun

I accidentally found myself in a bar with tons of happy Playfish employees yesterday.

Sims party

The story: The Sims Social launched on Facebook recently, and to celebrate the huge success* they held a party. We got "VIP tickets" and entered the dark bar where everyone's head was lighted by the green Sims gem. Next to free food and drinks (I experimented on bourbons, not on the chips), we also enjoyed the free helium. Therefore the laughter on the image.

*Even Paul moved into his new house and since then he occasionally pisses on others bushes.

Day 10, about something I made

It's one thing that I quietly skip days, the other is that sometimes I don't even post a photo, but a screenshot. Like now. The good thing is that noone else in this world gives a damn other than me, so I'll just enjoy my game as I want to play it.

The story: I don't really create things IRL, and I feel horrible about this. I would love to learn knitting, but then, I would also love to learn PHP, and at the moment I know way more (but very close to nothing) about PHP than about knitting. But I do blogs, and one of them is a Hungarian one, all about Flattr. The aim is to spread Flattr in Hungary, because it is a system that shows some hope in humanity. Also it can possibly solve some Internet issues regarding payments, but I'll just seize this opportunity and predict a separate post about Flattr.

(By the way, I usually force Paul to read this blog, and I'm sure he cares (not).)

Day 8, about technology

Samsung Galaxy S

The story: I was sitting in the bedroom watching TED Talks on my phone. Before launch it asks me if I want to open it with the Video Player or XBMC. My phone works as a controller of XBMC that's installed on the media server that we mostly use to watch "TV". The guys were watching their animated boobs on the TV at that time. I launched TED with XBMC. I could hear the main theme singing loud in the living room. Due to a quick reaction, it fade away in about two seconds and the boobs appeared on the screen again. But it was great fun. For me. My phone is precious. For me.

For a few moments in a month I usually have doubts if it's all right to sit ten hours in front of the laptop, and fill out the rest of the time tapping on my phone screen. That's why nature is involved here. Half-half.

Day 7, about something new

Sorry, I was not open during the weekend. I will just act that nothing happened, and continue the photo challenge. (Looking around suspiciously.) One more tiny modification: After Day 5 now Day 7 will come, and I'll insert the 6th topic somewhere in here later. I think it's much easier to take a pic of 'something new' than of a childhood memory.

The Master and Margaritha

The story: It was another Sinema Sunday, and as part of the ritual we visit Forbidden Planet and Fopp. To keep me motivated I wanted a guarantee that I'll get a book for no more than 5 pounds. This is why Fopp is so good. The Master and Margaritha was only 3, and I didn't have enough time to a complementation. I've read this book already, knew that I loved it, forgot it completely, so will repeat in English. (By the way. The two Englishmen who I showed it had no idea what I'm 'showing about'. Interesting.)

Day 5, about who I love

The obvious object of this topic is Paul, but he was busy having a huge animal steak in Gaucho tonight, so I went for other loved ones.
Nephews. Two of 'em.

levi ricsi

The story: Since these little humans live in Hungary and I don't, these pictures weren't taken freshly for Day 5. Also, look at the weather, London never has this on offer. It was taken around a month ago when I visited my family, and enjoyed Buco's garden with bubis (Hungarian made-up word for these tiny two-legged, occasionally very loud and uncontrollable creatures), hamburger, and my closest relatives!

I can hardly limit myself to post all the cute-face images (but I did), so I'll just point to a direction where there are a bit more photos about these guys.

In the meanwhile Paul arrived home, and to celebrate, here is a pic of him as well. (Nah, it's not at home. It's Nepal.)


Ok, no, I could not limit myself. Here ya go:


Day 4, about my favourite colour

My favourite colour is blue. In any shape or form.


The story: On Thursdays I'm working from the office, and I thought the only chance for me to fulfil Day 4 is to get it done on the way home. The distance between the office and the tube is not too long, making it possible not to find any appropriate blue thing around there. (I tried the sky. Failed badly.) I noticed a tall white church-looking-like thing in the distance, and I thought, there must be something blue near to it. After a few meters towards the church, all of a sudden I found something blue. Latex gloves. I don't understand either, but I needed nothing more, squatted, shoot, and got my colour.

Even my trousers are blue.


Day 3, about clouds

I resisted the urge to take a picture of Gmail or similar, and found this little cloud outside.


The story: Unfortunately I don't spend too much time to take these challenge(ing) pictures. Now I simply opened the window (oh for fuck sake, go to the garden at least!) and grabbed the first cloud I could find. This one got my attention because it's framed in a lovely heart shape. Ya see.

This is a boring pic, and I just wanted to be over it. Shame, as clouds are a fantastic subject.

I don't know what will make me use my own set up (ever) instead of the little green automatic dent on the camera. But. I found an amazing website, a photography school: it's online, and more importantly, free. You get your homework and actually someone will check and 'evaluate' it. You go along class by class with different photography (and film) topics, and probably at the end you will be much better in taking pics. I'll be much better. Just look. And, it's all Hungarian.

Day 2, about what I wore

The story: This was my first idea how to show what I wore today. So I did it.

P.S.: I only wear this in the gym. And my hair is long, so no one can see how much I love myself. (Shame.) And yeah, I wanted to go to the gym, again. Yesterday it was unexpectedly closed due to animals partying on the streets rioting. Now all the London Fitness First studios are closed, due to...rioting.

And this is another perspective with the manual set up from yesterday.


But don't you worry, I just booked my 4 hour photography class - that will help to avoid pics like these.

So Day 1 with a(nother) self portrait

The story: I just got home from work and was ready to go to the Monday yoga class. In those 20 minutes between these two I decided to shoot myself (is it funny in English?) for the Day 1 challenge. Since it was already quite dark in the flat and I still can't manage that circumstance, I went to the garden and found the appropriate background (fence!). I'm using the holy automatic function on my camera, and with that the images were still a bit too bright. I cared less about the quality of the pics and was rather trying to avoid eye contact with our neighbour, Ken, and telling myself that it's perfectly acceptable to take pictures of myself with the 10 second self-timer in my yoga sweatpants in the garden next to the tomatoes. (You can't see them, but they're big.) After all, this one was the best shot (convincing face), however a bit scary that my hair looks like it's red. Goes well with the green, though. Anyway, this is, more or less, me.

Me and my portrait(s)

When I was planning the "process" of learning photography, I wanted to start with portraits, because I enjoy taking pics of people. I like faces. And human interactions. I started to read tips from professionals, and decided to practice on my family. And on Paul.

Since I have been batteriless for long, I "didn't have the chance" to actually start the process. Now that my batteries are on their way ( Uniross 1 Hour Fast Charger + 4 x AA 2700 mAh Performance Batteries) I can finally start to take it seriously. The plan has changed though. I'm accidentally going to Nepal next weekend, so I'll rather experiment with landscapes. As long as we can call the Himalaya a landscape.

Before I go, I'll start the portrait series with me, through an image created by Master Bucó. It's an optimal picture to get to know me, as I'm completely covered, but the rolling Austrian background can help to overcome the loss. I've chosen this pic because one of my favourite things (motorbikes) can't be involved in this blog otherwise. Meet me:

riding my bike

Right after this image was taken we continued moving towards London. And if you want to continue looking at us riding, go to The Nepal adventures will be featured there, too.

Each photo comes with a quote, and I quote:

Her favourite walk, and where she frequently went...was along the open grove...which no one seemed to value but herself...