Another challenge

I'm always up for a challenge! (- lied Zsófi.)

I just stumbled upon this link (in my inbox, from Bucó), and I decided to join in. I could never convince myself that writing every day for a month is something I want to do, but shooting a pic once a day is more likely to happen. Or not.

I'll start it on Monday with one week delay. This is what I committed myself to:

30 day photo challenge

The test of my endurance starts tomorrow. With me. Again.

My first photography post

I haven't used my camera since last autumn. Half reason was the lack of adventures, half was my laziness, and another half (!) is because my rechargeable batteries don't want to be recharged anymore. This is more than painful, but luckily the Galaxy S works as an acceptable substitution.

As in my very first photo post, I must add that I've never used anything else than the auto function on my camera. The purpose of this site is to change this, and thanks to Paul (and Groupon) my photography carrier will start soon! Here is what I got this morning: Four Hour Photography Course for £35 with Ignite Creative TV

Manual set up, here I come.